1879 Flumerfelt Barn
at Cranberry Lake Farm

This post and beam barn, originally located near Kern and Gunn Roads and owned by John H. Flumerfelt, was completed in 1879.  Interior boards bear this date and signature.  More recently it was part of the Peters farm and the Kern Nursery.  In early 2004 the Oakland Township Historical Society (OTHS) was given the opportunity to dismantle and move this barn to a new site, as the land was scheduled for redevelopment.  The Historic District of the Cranberry Lake Farm was chosen for the new site where several barns had previously stood.  Following planning and fundraising activities, volunteers from the OTHS did this and began repair work on structural pieces shortly thereafter.  On August 21, 2004 a large group of volunteers raised this pegged, mortise and tenon timber structure using traditional methods involving ropes and pikes.  All remaining construction work was completed by OTHS volunteers in that same year.  An official commemoration was held on June 1, 2005 whereupon the barn was deeded to the Township by the OTHS and it is being used jointly by the OTHS and the Township Parks and Recreation Commission.

Flumerfelt Barn before the move on Gunn Rd, Circa 2000

Flumerfelt Barn after the move to Cranberry Lake Farm